November 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Disgrace the Legal System!

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The News Pt 1 Disgrace the Legal System!
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The News Pt 1 Disgrace the Legal SystemFrom the first episode, the subject matter for this broadcast addresses educational and philosophical theorems and maxims. For this week’s broadcast of Behind the Lines, we leave the realm of theory and foundation and enter the world of tactical execution and practical application. This practical application implies an adherence to (and support of) certain principles. When events of the present day intersect vocalized ideological axioms, the examination of these actions become necessary.

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This episode examines the Institute for Social Research’s plan for the destabilization of society and universal introduction of Marxist political thought. With a focus on the Institute’ goal of creating an ‘unreliable legal system with bias against the victim’, dissection of prevalent news reports come under review. By unveiling the practical application of these principles, motivations for (and recognition of) apparently independent actions becomes apparent. Also, methods in use to mold public opinion undergo analysis. To assist the listening audience, ‘alternative’ news outlets and other informational sources receive attention and recommendation.

During this episode, the spotlight rests upon dissecting the practical implementation of the ‘Legal System’ dictum revealed in the ‘points’ of the Institute for Social Research (a. k. a. the Frankfurt School). Commentary and review of these events expand our understanding as we ‘connect the dots’ between current events and their historical impetus. The recognition of these (and other) machinations equip us with the proper tools for interpreting the current political climate. With these interpretations, proper preparation for ourselves against potential instabilities emerge as an attainable goal.

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