December 5, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Battlefield America Pt 6 College Classroom

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Battlefield America Pt 6 College Classroom
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Battlefield America Pt 6 College ClassroomFor the eleventh broadcast of Behind the Lines, we will continue our examination of specific reading material used in the college classroom. However, the focus will rest upon how this material shapes the thinking of a particular sub-set of the student body. After a short review of the preceding episode, we will dissect the text and analyze certain presuppositions.  Highlighting these presuppositions will lead into how this thinking affects the conduct of specific individuals and the destructive consequences of these presuppositions upon society.

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Continuing the examination of Simone de Beauvior’s work The Second Sex, we will reveal how her philosophical viewpoints create confusion and frustration for male students.  We will probe her assumptions and inferences via reviewing portions of the text addressing men. With this inquiry, we will unveil an integral ideology compromising the collegiate environment.  Furthermore, we will see how this pattern of thinking, reinforced by various venues and mechanisms, negatively impact modern culture.

Finally, we will examine the behaviors resultant from the adoption of Ms. Beauvior’s ideology. We will show the ruinous results of her philosophy upon modern society and the difficulties encountered by those attempting to free themselves from her influence. Using specific, concrete examples, we will discuss the negative effects of Ms. Beauvior’s statements and conclusions.

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