May 23, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Battlefield America Part 5 M(BC)2

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Battlefield America Part 5 M(BC)2
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Battlefield America Part 5 M(BC)2For this episode of Behind the Lines, we examine a specific text used in academia today which molds collegiate students thinking regarding society. A short review of the preceding episode will lead into this analysis. This dissection will develop into a critical examination of a cornerstone philosophy riveted into the social fabric of the collegiate world and influencing current cultural behaviors throughout society.

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Examining Simone de Beauvior’s work The Second Sex (one can obtain a copy at the following site here), we will uncover the underlying philosophical arguments facing students today. Attempting an ‘in-depth’ review of the book, we will probe the assumptions, thought processes, and subsequent conclusions the author assumes toward the general public. With a detailed, thorough analysis of the material, we will unveil the fundamental ideology influencing the collegiate environment. With this unveiling, we will educate ourselves regarding their mindset. Furthermore, probing this material will shed light on how such views obtain a foothold in our present world.

Finally, the examination of the text will provide alternative observations and reveal glaring weaknesses regarding Ms. Beauvior’s viewpoints. This commentary should expose the inherent biases existing within the text and their destructive consequences. Finally, this investigation should provide yet more assistance for those resisting the ‘pro-collective’ programming rampant in higher education and (by extension) placed into the mindset of the general public.

Please join us for this tenth broadcast of Behind the Headlines – where the true story is behind the headlines.

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