November 27, 2022


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Battlefield America Part 4 The Classroom

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Battlefield America Part 4 The Classroom
Allen Getz ” Behind The Headlines ” Audio player below!

Battlefield America Part 4 The ClassroomFor this broadcast of Behind the Lines, we examine the battlefield called academia from a defensive vantage point. A short synopsis of the preceding episode will lead into how to combat the ‘pro-state’ mentality. This plan centers upon a re-examination of the coursework highlighted in the previous episode. This dissection will develop into the construction of a defense against the ‘collectivist’ philosophy inherent in the aforementioned curriculum (and apparently running rampant in higher education).

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Using the ‘question/answer’ format, we will attempt injection of specific observations and logical deductions regarding the content of the course material. Introducing these elements should remove certain assumptions and suppositions apparently present within that same coursework. Also, we will discuss the historical context of the writers and their material, and thereby uncover any present bias. This unveiling will arm ourselves against their designs. Furthermore, this response will provide the tools and insights necessary for proper discourse and conversation in this arena.

Finally, we will provide assistance for those who feel overwhelmed and stymied by those who embrace the ‘pro-state’ ideology. This assistance rests upon providing answers to their conclusions and questions that could provoke (and potentially awaken) others.

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