The Imminent Threat of Societal Distrust!

The Imminent Threat of Societal Distrust!
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The Imminent Threat of Societal DistrustThere is no doubt that our society has less trust in the major institutions that we have built our society on. We are moving out of a time where the people have been so inundated with truth and reality. In the early 2000s there were tons of new outlets for news and they were suddenly bringing news of corruption and the like to light.

Here is a list of topics we will be discussing tonight

· The death of religion and how it relates
· The fake news
· The bought and sold politicians
· Powerful governmental anarchy
· Why we cannot throw it all away

We are now entering a new phase where people are ready to abandon these once great institutions the way they abandoned religion. The problem is there is not a plan to replace it. We must push these institutions to improve rather than dissolve them and our peace and civility along with them.

However on this show we will talk about what types of things can be done to prevent the total abandonment of our societal base. Its very important that we not only attempt to change these institutions but also champion them in this new age we are moving into. The unintended consequence of all the truth is that we have no one to trust.
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