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Grand Jury2014… a new year, new fears! Our political system is OUT OF CONTROL. The republicans suck, democrats suck, and libertarians and the tea party are getting zero traction for the past 20 years.

So how can we move forward, take our country back, and not have to fire a single shot? It’s called the Grand Jury. Meet Ken Barker, the Commanding Officer of Neighborhood Emergency Action Response team. He’s quickly becoming an authority on the subject.

Dating back to 1100 A.D. in England, and expired here in the United States around 1963. The media came onto TV and said The People don’t need the Grand Jury anymore. The government said everything is running so smoothly, that they’re not needed anymore.

Grand JuryThe People sighed a relief, and unknowingly enslaved the future generations.
It comes down to education… and here in America we’ve been uneducated over the years, to the point where we don’t even understand how to fight.

The founding fathers tried to get away from the King who was oppressing them so severely. When they made the declaration of independence, constitution, and then the Bill of Rights in 1791.

The 5th amendment makes specific mention of “The Grand Jury,” yet nobody these days understands what or who that is. Since we don’t know, we let it simply slide by without second thought.

What if The Grand Jury was our answer? What if it would legally detain people like Senator Feinstein, Eric Holder, and Obama for illegal behavior? Where would our country be if George Bush was in jail for trying to pass the Patriot Act? Or Obama for NDAA? The list goes on.

We’ve given up our power as We The People… but this Monday at 4PM PST on The Gun Show, you learn how to take it back. Join us at
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