February 27, 2021


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Goodbye 2013 Let’s get to work America!

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Goodbye 2013 Let’s get to work America!
Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box”

Goodbye 20132013 will soon come to an end and if we were to look back at this year a lot of things have happened. In politics, world affairs, and the trampling of the United States Constitution here at home. We were on the verge of world war three with different countries a few times, but that wasn’t really the big story that we would remember in 2013.

In 2013, America continuously goes through a transformation with the transpacific partnership and along with the loss of American’s liberties. We have the NSA spying on your e-mails, your phone calls, and everything you are doing on the internet. What you purchase at your Costco’s and other stores that require you to have a membership card to receive there discounts, it’s just a loss of your privacy in America today and if you are willing to sacrifice your privacy because “you have nothing to hide”, you are a fool. It’s not about that. American’s need to start understanding what governments are all about. It’s 2013, and we still don’t know the difference between our ass and a hole in the ground. Goodbye 2013!

Goodbye 2013Halloween, Thanksgiving, and just a few days ago, Christmas. These are just a few holiday’s that just passed not to recently. On these days that you spend with family members and friends did any of you take a little bit of time to talk about country, and faith? not about politics and religion because that starts an argument. But to bring our families back to God and explain to them that the rights we cherish come from God and not government. In 2013 that’s not what we talked about. Most conversations are about my team, Go Niners, Go Giants…score that touchdown, GO!!! GO!!! GO! Or if you’re a woman, it’s regarding the real house wife’s of the ghetto, and on Monday it’s trying to dress like them or live my life that I’ve seen on these so-called “reality” TV shows. These conversations are for teenagers or young adults that still haven’t’ grown up. So where’s your conversation at America?! What were you talking about in 2013? This year is over and we can’t go back to change noting about it. It’s over, it’s done, stick a fork in it goodbye 2013.

Goodbye 20132014 is right around the corner and I hope American’s finally grow up and take on the responsibility as a parent and a grandparent. It’s time to pass on a better future for our children and not a life of tyranny and a life of dept. Every so often there is great responsibility put on the shoulders of certain generations to test man’s soul. To see what they would do in the time of diversity, tragedy, pain and sorrow. How would they react in these times? This is the generation that is going to have to take on that responsibility to set a different course, go down a different road, so that we can make things better. The road that we’ve been going down has been very bad. You can tell by the state of our country and your health. So, in 2014 know one thing America….that there is a God and he has not left our side, we’ve left his and in this time of change he will be there to guide us in the direction of life, prosperity and making things better. I hope that you tune in to the very last Charlie in the Box of 2013 right here on Pepper Broadcasting.

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