December 4, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Freedom of self-expression!

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Freedom of self-expression
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Freedom of self-expressionFor this week’s broadcast of Behind the Lines, we continue an examination of the freedom of self-expression. Using disarming words and false pretexts, certain elements desire the truncation of these rights and liberties upon a select portion of that society. When those who defend these actions feel a measure of safety, they become more vocal and obvious in their communications. Therefore, their words require analysis, opposition, and refutation.

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Mr. Marcuse, in his attempt to foster fundamental changes in society toward a pro-collectivization view, relays his beliefs regarding freedom of expression. Building upon the ‘foundation’ he lays within the earlier portion of the work, we examine the ‘applications’ of his ideology in the context of modern society. Mr. Marcuse, taking liberty of redefining specific terms, propagates his beliefs within the context of these new definitions. With these modifications, he pivots the substance of his argument from inclusion to exclusion. With these changes, Mr Marcuse identifies the specific individuals he seeks to silence.

During this episode, the investigation into Mr. Marcuse’s ultimate goal becomes increasingly clear. With this perusal, we remove the layers of subterfuge/deception and expose startling conclusions. Investigating these works reveal deliberate attempts by certain ‘academics’ (such as Mr. Marcuse) to shift society toward pro-collectivist political principles. Also, the correlation between this ideology and current events within the public sphere come into crisp focus. Finally, an understanding of his viewpoints provide us with the means necessary to oppose these plans and designs.

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