March 1, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Are we as free as we think?

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Are we as free as we think we are?
Richard McGrath “Finding Freedom” Audio in player below!

Are we as free as we thinkThis week on Finding Freedom Special guest Chris Weatherman “AKA” Angry American, author, prepper, and survivalist. Chris was also on season 1 of History’s hit show Alone. Chris’s book series i one of my favorites, starting with Going home. In this show we will see what Chris has been up to and try and get some teasers from his latest book he’s working on.

11-28-16-unspecifiedWe will talk about what freedom means. Why you cannot be totally free, and how the government controls our freedom. What the educational system is doing to our children, as well as ways we can help our kids out. Other topics will be Homesteading, prepping, bushcraft and learning new skills, remember Knowledge is power and it weighs nothing.

We encourage you to call in and use the chat room to interact with us, also please post questions for us as well so we can try and answer them. I will also talk about what my plans are for the future as I go forward in my journey. Don’t forget to check out our website in link below for all your survival and firearms training and gear. Please check out the other live shows as well because they are very informative and well done.
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