January 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Foraging for balance in today’s world.

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scales-of-justiceForaging for balance in today’s world. Typically on my foraging for life shows I speak about the wild edibles and herbs. This week on Foraging For Life I will be taking a different approach to things and welcome the audience to join me in a discussion concerning balance. The world we grew up in as children has changed greatly. With all that the government is doing in attempt to control anything and everything we do, eat or possess, along with all the encroachments on our rights and privacy, I find myself foraging for the “food” that my being requires so that I may remain a calm, rational and productive individual.

I’d like to hear from you, the listeners, as to what you do to keep the fearfulness at bay in these times, where do you find whatever it is that helps you maintain your balance so as not to be frozen in stagnation? Do you attend church, or maybe gatherings with like minded people? Do you just shut everything down for a time so as to allow your mind to process its overloaded stockpile of information before acquiring more? Do you have the ability to just block out a lot of what is taking place within the Nation? I invite you all to join me and share what “food” you forage to keep your sense of balance in today’s world.

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