February 27, 2021


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When We Default China Will Understand!

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When We Default China Will Understand!
Host: Charlie “Charlie in the Box

ChinaOut of all the countries that the United State government could have made a deal with, it had to be china? What the hell were they thinking? First of all they are a communist country that oppresses there citizen’s. No free press, tightly controlled internet and all power is to the state. They think of their citizens as cattle, a piece of meat to do whatever with they want. If one of their citizen’s commits a crime and the punishment is death, don’t think that they haven’t learned how to profit from it. They sell their organs on the black market. Just do your research on Death Vans in China. They get an order for a certain organ so they go pick out an inmate with the right blood and tissue type and on the way to the airport they harvest the organs and they are sold to the highest bidder.

ChinaA country that heavily pollutes there environment, continuously sells products that would harm or cause death to the people that use them. “You heard about those medications that had yellow paint in them”, just to make them the color yellow. I guess they ran out of dye that day. And we don’t need to start talking about Fox Con, and the suicide nets, forced abortions, and child labor. Yea I think this would be a very good country that we could be in dept too. If this is what they do to their own citizens…what do you think they will do to us, when we default on our loan? Do you think they would be the type to understand and give us a second chance? and we’ll pay them back later?. Or do you think there will be some twisting of the arms, and breaking of backs, to get the United States of America’s assets. That’s our national parks and the rest of the country they took away with eminent domain all our natural resources, your gold your silver…everything America. Oh no, but the United States government would never give away our natural resources. Or would they? You haven’t heard about Obama and the deal with China about the Great Lakes? you know that big bowl of fresh water that has no salt.

ChinaLike I said out of all the countries they made a deal with it had to be these guys. In George Washington’s farewell address he warned about permanent alliances between the United States and foreign nations. I would think today that American’s should know what China has been saying and doing recently. They have the plans to nuke all major U.S. cities, talking about making the moon a death star to destroy any country that gets out of hand. Yeah, this was a GREAT decision by our government to make friends with these guys. China already influences Hollywood movies and our media…, but don’t worry about it, everything is going to be fine. It’s not like China’s president didn’t just come out and say they are going to get there country ready for war.! But luckily we don’t have to worry because the United States government is taking care of us, right? They got our back!
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