January 23, 2021


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Cruel Summer in America!

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Cruel Summer in America
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Cruel Summer in America!Can we turn back from the road we are on. That is the question we all posit on a daily basis. As we look over that long term food storage online, we think of our bank account and we think of the gamble that is the American future. Where are we headed? Do we have a country in 20 years? When our children have their children. Will they be also I’d to tell their children about what America was? Interesting questions for a cruel summer.

It gets worse by the day and I don’t often like to talk about all the bad because there are more good people out there than bad. But there are tons of good people raising American families throughout the nation.

There are also thousands of newly released criminals. There is a growing population of radical Muslims who a rebuilding their armies right in our back yard. We have a skeleton of a dollar and a ruthless banking monarchy that runs your money. The races are at each other’s throats over make believe issues on both sides. The social morality has taken a swan dive onto jagged rocks. Can we come back?

I am liberty Cruel Summer in America!Summer is my favorite season. There is nothing better to me than a scorching hot day in the James River with the fly rod. I enjoy the loud summer nights when the woods speak their summer language. It chirps and crackles and hisses in the distance. I will enjoy my summer. Still, there are such nightmares out there.

We must reflect on the cruel summer and the fall to follow. We will discuss where America is going. What will our kids say? The victorious president and his actions that put us all at risk must also be considered. Beyond that it’s just another summer night and in that I will find solace. Let’s not turn this show off feeling suicidal.
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