February 27, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Codex Alimentarius, another tentacle of the N.W.O.

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8-16-13thCAO2K383On “I Am LibertyCodex Alimentarius, an international organization for food safety or another testicle of the NWO. I have heard both sides and the fact is it was time to sit down and do some research to figure out for myself. I have taken the week to read articles, watch speeches and most importantly look over the actual processes and procedures on their website. As a food safety professional I can speak to some of that as well.
It is important that we eliminate things that are in fact conspiracy as there is only so much time we can prepare for these things. The articles I have read out of the UK and other regions of the EU have been a bit startling also some of the influential hands that move some of the parts of Codex. Though I am prepared to take an unbiased look first and come to conclusions from there.

If it is the monster others claim than we will have to come up with a plan to negate that and we will talk about that too. What can we do to assure the food, water and natural remedies we buy and use are worthy of our hard earned money. So it might be a night for the tin foil hats or a night for great revelation as we explore Codex Alimentarius on I Am Liberty.
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