February 26, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Bombings, manhunts, shoot-outs, devastating explosion and even ricin attacks. What a week!

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RedHorse_Roningovernment-control-danger“The Prepper’s Poitin Hour”, What a week! Bombings, manhunts, and shoot-outs in  the Boston area in one of the the most leftist and liberty infringed states of the union. Devastating explosion near the site of the 1993 Branch Davidian massacre by federal agents. Ricin attacks upon the president and congress. Reports of bombs, threats, and shootings across the nation. All of this on the same week as Patriot Day, Tax Day, Columbine, Waco Massacre, and OKC. What does this all mean? It begins SO many questions and the official narrative has so many holes in it, as yet. So let us examine the events and see what sense we can make of it all. Slainte!

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