Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared?

Boarder Crossings, Are You Prepared?
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses……

Boarder CrossingsIts important that we all understand the repercussions of ushering in a new population from a third world nation. I am not the first to say it but I am very much concerned about what sort of consequences come along with our actions at the border. I don’t even mean this new “humanitarian” effort.

I read an article in a Honduran newspaper that stated many of these children would be reunited with their families. I looked into it to see what the other side was saying about America’s new open gate policy. There was not an inherent set of directions or list of promises waiting at the US border posed by the publication. It seemed more like news as usual.

Boarder CrossingsHandling a swath of young, sexually active, uneducated has its own challenges. Of course some of them will become great assets to our country. I worry much less about the bloated debt we will take on to care for the majority of these folks.

The fact is since 2012 the amount of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border from terror hot beds has gone up exponentially. They have caught as many as 4000 of these individuals in a single year. How many did they miss? This is a real problem. I am simply asking you to entertain the possibility of growing terror cells in our nation. Consider what these lax policies at the border could bring us and lets talk about how to get prepared for the possible invasion coming to a town near you.
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