December 5, 2022


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Battlefield America 8 The rules of the game

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Battlefield America 8 The rules of the game!
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Battlefield America 8 The rules of the gameOn this episode of Behind the Lines, we will begin a probe of the tactics used by those antagonistic toward a conservative political philosophy. This examination centers upon specific teachings and reading material used by those fanning the flames of hostility. After a short review of former episodes, we will inspect and review certain presuppositions. Highlighting these presuppositions will lead into how this thinking affects the conduct of specific individuals and the destructive consequences of these presuppositions upon society.

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We will embark on a journey through the book entitled ‘Rules for Radicals’ written by Saul Alinsky. Focusing on the Preface, we will scrutinize Mr. Alinsky’s mindset and motivations. Peering into his ideological foundations, we uncover his viewpoints regarding political exercises. Also, we examine his inspiration for inciting unrest for achieving certain sociological aims. With this inquiry, we unveil a blueprint for harnessing the forces at work in the political sphere. Furthermore, we will see how this pattern of thinking, reinforced by various venues and mechanisms, negatively impact modern culture.

Finally, we will lay the groundwork for an extensive review of the book. This commentary will assist us in recognizing the forces at work undermining moderation within our society. By recognizing their actions, we can develop counter-measures securing the defense of ourselves and those seeking to make sense of today’s current political climate.

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