March 7, 2021


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America On the Dole-The Buck Stops Where?
Host: Lynna “The Other Side… A Preppers Path

On the DoleAmerica on the Dole! Fact or fiction and just where does the buck stop? Questions we each need to answer, not for the country as a whole but personally. Semantics aside whether you call it on the dole, welfare or food stamps, government aid that you don’t pay back is welfare in the purest since. Per The United States Department of Commerce Statistics: “Welfare is the organized public or private social services for the assistance of disadvantaged groups. Aid could include general Welfare payments, health care through Medicaid, food stamps, special payments for pregnant women and young mothers, and federal and state housing benefits. The Welfare system in the United States began in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.” Indeed a time of true need for many, definitely a far cry from the statement often heard today of “I/we could make it without food-stamps BUT why should I? along with “ I get food stamps but that’s not welfare.” Neither statement would have heard 20 years ago. Perhaps a question to ask today, why has the mindset of so many become you owe me or I deserve?

On the DoleThe term “on the dole” dates back to about 1918 when it appeared in the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom describing Unemployment Benefit. The dole became the slang term and derives from the ‘doling out’, that is, ‘handing out’ of charitable gifts of food or money. Many believe on the dole means one must be unemployed however the definition of dole is commonly held to be: as a noun- a portion or allotment of money, food, etc., especially as given at regular intervals by a charity or for maintenance; a dealing out or distributing, especially in charity; a form of payment to the unemployed instituted by the British government in 1918; any similar payment by a government to an unemployed person; Archaic. one’s fate or destiny; as a verb (used with object), doled, doling; to distribute in charity; to give out sparingly or in small quantities (usually followed by out); as an Idiom on the dole, receiving payment from the government, as relief: They couldn’t afford any luxuries while living on the dole.

On the DoleAbout 49 percent of Americans live in households that receive some form of government benefits, according to the libertarian Mercatus Center at George Mason University, based on data from 2010.* Not all of those people, however, are dependent on those benefits, A significant proportion of government assistance comes in the form of Social Security and Medicare, for which eligibility is based on age rather than need. Considering only “means-tested” programs, such as food stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance, around 35 percent of Americans live in households that benefit from government assistance.

1-26 2c1cd6ad0bAs of 2010 35% of us depend on the Government for food, health care and housing assistance. It is now 2014 and the numbers have not decreased. Just what does that mean to each of us? If nearly half of Americans depend on the government to subsist what happens when there are not enough Americans left working to fill the gap? How do we reverse the trend, what can we do to protect ourselves. What if you and yours are currently “on the dole”? Let’s be frank and solution based, tune in and share your views and solutions, Sunday Jan 26th.

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