January 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Along the Suffrage Trail with host Katzcradul

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Along the Suffrage Trail
Host: Katzcradul “The Homestead Honey Hour

SuffrageWhen does one say “enough is enough”? When do you step up to the plate? Sadly, most people will not engage in a fight for their freedoms or rights but instead will prepare for the outcome as others fight for the freedoms and rights of everyone. Those that stand up and fight are often remembered for their actions through the ages. Their leadership, efforts, and contribution to society direct our future while those that only follow simply fade away.

SuffragePreparedness for most is only the effort put forth to protect themselves and family from unforeseeable events whether it be natural or of our own creation. For some, preparedness is much more proactive. These are the people that step up to the plate with incredible effort to initiate change that serves to protect everyone’s freedoms and rights, not just their own.

On this episode of “They Were PreppersKatzcradul of The Homestead Honey Hour reads for us a story of women with true grit on a campaign fighting for their freedoms and rights. A major campaign won by strong women, strong enough and with enough determination to take on government at all levels… and wins. A reminder that changes can be made with courage and determination.
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