August 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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Communist Attack on Self Reliance
Host: James Walton “Visit I Am Liberty” Audio in player below!

Communist Attack on Self RelianceCan we get a little historic? Can we look at some of the early communist teachings? Not in the black board and chalk method ‘a la Glen Beck’ but from the prepper stand point. As an American its pretty simple to look at history and understand why and how communism didn’t work. On this episode of I AM Liberty we will look at the effects that this brand of casual communism can have on preppers and the self reliant.

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Self Reliance the political Movement

I will give you a little nibble of whats to come. Whenever you hear the word free come from the lips of a politician on a very basic level they are whispering communism.

“To each based on their need, from each based on their ability.”

The communist cause is so devious today and so incredibly camouflaged that most people are on board the ship and dont know it. We had a womans march a week ago that put thousands of people dressed in red on the national mall.

Did you know one of the main goals in a communist revolution is the corruption and destruction of the family?

This movement is real and the people in it dont even know it. Now whether they are being played like harps or they just want to scream and yell is unknown. If you dont think a communist revolution hits the self reliant I got news for you, you could be hit the hardest! Do you know what happened to the farmers in communist Russia? There are very few who benefit at all from radical rule. Not to mention many of the top officials and high rollers pay to stay on top anyway. You will find out on this episode of I AM Liberty.
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