December 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

PBN Family Fundraising for IDA Survivors. DO WHAT YOU CAN.

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The path of hurricane IDA has created a personal apocalypse for many Americans. If you can put your opinions and thoughts aside and just consider what it would be like to wake up and have your life disappeared! Many people are waking to that reality.

The other reality is that NO ONE is coming from to help them.

PBN FAMILY if you can find it in your hearts and wallets to donate a little bit of money it will be sent directly to Grindstone Ministries. These men have a proven track record of showing up on-site and getting people back on their feet. We support them through Disaster Coffee and when big things like this come up I have asked you in the past to help out. Do whatever you can. It’s tax-deductible and it’s a powerful way to help people living their darkest days.

Donate Here! or go to

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