December 4, 2021


Self reliance and independence

James on Underground USA with Frank Salvato

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Listen to “INTERVIEW: Debunking the Myths & Misconceptions of ‘Prepperism'” on Spreaker.

Underground USA | Podcast & Headlines |United States

In the era of mainstream media controlled narratives, alternative facts, “fake news,” and the unadulterated cancer of “Woke-ism,” America – and the world – is in need of a straightforward voice, anchored in common sense, where facts and truth mandate the narrative, not the talking heads of the privileged and elitist classes.

The Underground USA website features headlines but in a new way. We cover the facts of the matter (a throwback to the days of real journalism) and then we take it a step further: We explain why the story is important and we expound on that.

Our podcast, from which the webpage developed (not the other way around like most podcasts), offers even more insight into the topics covered on the website but does it in a casual, everyman, “corner of the bar” type feel that allows everyone to speak freely, without fear, and barring political correctness.

Both national political parties are a disgrace. The American people deserve better.

Let’s go Underground…

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