May 23, 2022


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Get your intel here!

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Get your intel here!
David Jones “Prepping Up with the Jones “Audio player provided!

Get your intel hereThis week’s show has two great guests on one great show. We start off the show with Mark Budro, one of the founders of Sentinel Intel Group. These are the subscription-based information agency that analyzes open source information and writes easy to read articles explaining how this information will affect you and yours. Sentinel Intel Group is a Veteran Owned Business that you can count on for the information you need before you need it. Any type of planning requires research and this is research done for Preppers. There information is used internationally by police agencies and governments on a daily basis and you can have access to the very same in formation they use! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get valuable insight into today’s headlines before the events are knocking on your door!

Listen to this broadcast or download “Get your intel here” in player below!

Then Dave will talk to Danny Santana form Biolite Products and a new product that answers more then just your lighting needs. The Biolite Solar Home 620 is a lighting system for a base-camp that is packed with usable Tech. The system has two LED lights with wall switches, a motion sensor light, an adjustable base station LED light, an FM radio, MP3 player and it that is not enough the system also changes two portable devices and it recharges everyday with a solar panel! This answers all your lighting needs in one compact package and it can fully recharge in about 4 hours of sunlight. Dave will ask Danny all the questions about this innovative product and get you, his listeners, the best deal possible on Biolite products.

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