November 26, 2022


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US Banking, Currency and Economy!

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US Banking, Currency and Economy
Host: Ray Becker… Audio player provided!

US Banking, Currency and EconomyMy show was to be about the Economy and that’s where I should remain. I am going to do a long series of shows on Banking, Currency and Economy. My first priority is to continue the monitoring of the economy to try and determine when we begin the slide into the Mother of all Great Depressions. This, I will remain focused on during the open segments.

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In this show, I lay out for your understanding, Banking, Currency and Economy starting from The American Revolution up to the current day. There will be plenty of History in this series as we look at where we began and how we ended up with unsustainable debts. This backdrop of historical facts will serve us well when making comparisons.

I cover The Colonies and the period leading up to the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. Many major events happened during Jackson’s Administration that will consume some time. We’ll then look at the period after Jackson up to the Civil War. Again, a great deal of information will be covered especially with Lincoln, his Greenbacks and his murder. The period from Lincoln until 1913 will be covered. 1913 was the period that brought us The Federal Reserve along with the 16th and 17th Amendments.

We look at WWI and WWII, Roosevelt’s New Deal, confiscation of Gold, The Bretton Woods agreement and continue up through the years. There is a great deal of information to cover and I feel that in order for people to truly understand what is coming, we must go back in time.
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