Tim Wolfe, white male privilege?

Tim Wolfe, white male privilege?
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Tim WolfeThe events in Missouri were very inspiring. I was impressed by the unity and the power in hitting the university where it hurts. That is until I read the list of demands.

In demand one the group demanded Mr. Wolfe admit to his white male privilege and apologize. I nearly lost my lunch. What I thought was a decent and impressive strike at institutions that are loosing integrity turned out to be a simply game of whose prejudice wins. Here is the full demand below.

I. We demand that the University of Missouri System President, Tim Wolfe, writes a handwritten apology to the Concerned Student 1950 demonstrators and holds a press conference in the Mizzou Student Center reading the letter. In the letter and at the press conference, Tim Wolfe must acknowledge his white male privilege, recognize that systems of oppression exist, and provide a verbal commitment to fulfilling Concerned Student 1950 demands. We want Tim Wolfe to admit to his gross negligence, allowing his driver to hit one of the demonstrators, consenting to the physical violence of bystanders, and lastly refusing to intervene when Columbia Police Department used excessive force with demonstrators.

I also want to talk about work tonight. I see a ton of this unrest and the basis of income inequality and I think its important that we talk about the satisfaction of work and most importantly how we deal with others success. We cannot spend our lives frumping around angry at another mans success.

11-13-15 sisyphus_sucks_to_be_meIn Greek mythology Sisyphus (/ˈsɪsɪfəs/; Greek: Σίσυφος, Sísiuphos) was the king of Ephyra (now known as Corinth). He was punished for his self-aggrandizing craftiness and deceitfulness by being forced to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, repeating this action for eternity.

Perhaps this punishment is actually what life is all about. In my opinion its not about the about reaching the peak its most certainly about the journey
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