May 16, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Tom Martin “Galt Strike

The BIG FIX?Are you getting a headache keeping up with the twist & turns of this year’s Presidential Election? Has the seemingly endless parade of headlines between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton… the next more astonishing than the last, have you NOT just disbelieving, but WANTING to disbelieve that we have THESE choices awaiting us in the polling booth this November? That’s what we’ll find out Tonight.

profile_150x150Is there a “BIG FIX”? That the outcome of this year’s race is”predestined”, as some have contended? As how easy it is to spoon-feed opinion to an unsuspecting public, are we, as ourselves a part of that same public, being lead by the nose? Let’s talk about that on this episode of Galt Strike.
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