August 11, 2022


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Rules of the game Rules for Radicals

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Rules of the game part 10 Rules for Radicals
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Rules of the game Rules for RadicalsFor this week’s broadcast of Behind the Lines, we finish the review of Saul Alinsky’s book ‘Rules for Radicals’. This text reveals his radicals theories and practices regarding the empowerment of the disenfranchised. For this episode, his ideas for the ‘future of democracy’ receive attention and scrutiny. We examine these musings because Mr. Alinsky’s past exploits exercise an ‘authority of influence’ on the current political and cultural climate.

‘The Way Ahead’, the title for Chapter 10, contains Mr. Alinsky’s beliefs regarding the future of activism.Indirectly building upon the contents of the previous chapter, Mr. Alinsky encouraging a ‘toleration’ of the middle-class and their values. He explains his opinion regarding their mindsets, viewpoints, and lifestyle choices. He advises the activist toward collaboration with this subset of society. By this ‘toleration’, Mr Alinsky seeks their allegiance in the battle for social change. The chapter contains a plethora of observations reinforcing his conclusions.

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This chapter expounds apparent biases and stereotypes within Mr. Alinsky’s views. When these statements mix with other comments made throughout the book, we expose disturbing and dangerous assumptions. Investigation of these comments reveal blatant lies and falsehoods whose design centers upon guile and subterfuge. These remarks become exceedingly disturbing when Mr. Alinsky’s overall purpose for them rest upon fundamentally destructive principles. Also, our understanding of recent events expands because our insight into the motivation for these actions increase. Finally, an inspection of his viewpoints unveil manipulations and deceptions that (when recognized) can be successfully resisted and repulsed.
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