After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!
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After Casual Communism, Racial Division & AngstOn this special edition of the I AM Liberty Show we are going to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. In straight forward terms we are celebrating the end of the Obama age. Let’s be honest it’s a day for celebration. Whether you believe he did good or not we can see he did very well indeed. He is moving to a handsome mansion right around the heart of evil in Washington D.C.

For many people my age we had never witnessed division the way we had in the 8 years under Obama. There are several powerful moments that allowed us to fully understand that this man was more than just a loud voice and cool demeanor. We found out being favorable and being handsome didn’t amount for much when it came to running a country.

Topics Discussed

· The Legacy of Obama
· A goodbye sentiment for the President
· Do you think its last we have seen of Obama
· Thoughts on our new president
· Farewell to eight years of casual communism, racial division and angst

It will be a night that is anything but structured. I hope the chat room joins us and I would also love to hear from some callers about their favorite Obama moments. Now these don’t have to be favorable moments but I wouldn’t mind hearing some of those either. The inclusion of the I AM Liberty listening audience will no doubt make this a great show.

You see I broadcast a survival podcast and the reason this show and this day is important is because we SURVIVED! There were times it looked ugly but we made it. There is reason to celebrate that. We survive taxations scandals that targeted us, a smashing of many of our beliefs, a dissolution of our borders and a so far we have survived a flood of people from dangerous nations all over the world. If that aint reason to be celebrate then I don’t know what is.
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