February 27, 2021


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A Mexican Americans Perspective on Amnesty!

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Border-Illegalscharlieinthebox166x125On this week’s broadcast of the Charlie in the Box show a Mexican American’s perspective on the Amnesty bill that’s being passed through in Washington D.C today. This is not going to be just my opinion, as you can tell I know a lot of Mexican American’s. So I’m going to give you what the media won’t the words out of the horse’s mouth. The true perspective of Mexican American thoughts about giving all these illegal aliens, undocumented, gang banging, drug selling, wife beaten, hardworking Mexicans, and others. Not to say that there isn’t good ones out there…men and women. But every description that I just said in the past sentence is true because I know and seen it firsthand. Just as I spoke the truth right now there’s some of these hard working illegal aliens that I would rather be standing next too, some of these bottom feeders who are American’s today. Always asking for a hand out. If you think that’s a good topic please tune in and tell a friend.

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