August 17, 2022


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Gold, Silver and Diversifying Income

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Gold, Silver and Diversifying Income
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Gold, Silver and Diversifying IncomeThere was a time when your faithful host was just a scared newbie lost in a sea of articles about the impending economic collapse and the death of the US dollar. I knew my history so the idea of wheelbarrows of money to get bread weren’t new to me. Still, I had a family and thought I had to act fast to stem the tide of the coming collapse. Now, that was 5 years ago, we are not in the boat many of us prepared for. That said, we are in a changing America and one that deserves some planning and diversification.

Below are the topics we will touch on for this episode of I AM Liberty

· Gold
· Silver
· Price Fluctuations
· Long Term Storage
· My passion for silver
· Diversifying your income

12-7-16-401px-rian_archive_159218_exhibits_russian_state_depository_for_precious_metalsI still own the coins that I first bought. They are small silver 10th ounces. They were the best option for a scared Dad who wanted denominations to trade in and was also on a tight budget. I look them over about once every month. They are a constant reminder of just how easily you can get scared to death by reading and watching. They are also a reminder of how you can fall in love with something like silver for both the aesthetic and financial benefits that come along with it. Sliver and gold will always have economic power. Unless we figure out how to mine comets and asteroids and find one made primarily of said precious metals.

gold-nuggetI also have very real concerns about salaries. This idea that we put all our stock in this big salary and when we lose our job everything collapses. I have been spending a lot of time in the freelance market as well as learning about methods of passive income and though I don’t pretend to become some kind of guru on the topic I think we should discuss it. There are very real opportunities out there for many of us to carry a few income streams and be a little more prepared. That’s what this is all about right. Its James Walton with I AM Liberty. Don’t miss this one!
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1 thought on “Gold, Silver and Diversifying Income

  1. I enjoyed your program, I see all kinds of silver out there, Government backed coins, Generic bullion rounds.
    One has the 2.00-4.00 premiums, and the other is cheaper .50-1.50 over spot. What’s your choice and why……either buy the higher backed coins, or the more bang for the buck rounds?
    And is all silver viewed as ‘silver’ when it all comes down to it?

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