August 17, 2022


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4 Preps You Can Do Right Now for an Economic Collapse!

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4 Preps You Can Do Right Now for an Economic Collapse

4 Preps You Can Do Right Now for an Economic CollapseMany experts agree that an economic collapse for the U.S. is not a question of “if” but a question of “when” with perhaps some disagreement over exactly “how” it will happen. Some believe it will involve a stock market crash. Regardless of when or how though, it’s coming.

So the only obvious solution is to start working on all the preps you can do right now for an economic collapse. The key thing to understand is all our systems are connected and many operate under a “just in time” shipping schedule, especially food stores. If shipments are delayed, customers are inconvenienced, but if shipping completely shuts down, stores empty out in about three days.

We are dependent on the interwoven network of systems that make our daily life convenient and comfortable. All of these systems are also intricately tied to the free flow of credit and money. Yes, the U.S. dollar is stronger right now than other currencies but the dollar is NOT strong. It is inflated, it’s no longer backed by gold, and is becoming worthless. Without money and credit, those essential systems many of us depend on, come to a grinding halt.

Below are just a few of those systems:

  • Public Utilities (water, electric, natural gas, sewage, water treatment, etc.)
  • Food Systems (growth/production, packaging, distribution, safety, etc.)
  • Transportation Systems (bus, subway, taxi’s, traffic lights, etc.)
  • Distribution Systems (shipping by truck, train, boat, plane)
  • Banking and Financial Systems
  • Communication Systems (cell towers, radio, television, internet, etc.)
  • Healthcare Systems (hospitals, pharmaceutical, doctor’s, clinics, etc.)
  • Security Systems (EMS, Fire, Police, etc.)
  • Manufacturing and Retail Systems

9-2-16 survive-economic-crashIf you still aren’t convinced that an impending economic collapse is worth worrying about, take a moment to think about all of the systems listed above that you depend on right now to feed your family and to keep them safe and sheltered. Just try to imagine for a moment what life will be like after an economic collapse when these crucial systems, begin to shut down.

What happens to your family if:

  • Banks shut down
  • Money becomes worthless or inaccessible
  • Martial Law is enacted
  • Transportation is shut down
  • Food and water is simply unavailable
  • Power and utilities like electric, gas, and water just stop working

Well, let’s see 4 of some of the most important things you can do before the crash. Meaning RIGHT NOW.

  1. Break Free Financially:

Create a financial plan right now that reduces or eliminates any debt you may have. If your house, car, and other assets are paid for when SHTF, it increases the chance that you can keep control of them. Take your money out of 401k and other retirement plans, invest in gold and silver or create an emergency fund that is NOT stored in a bank.

Prepare for a potential shut down of the banks and for your money to be either worthless or simply inaccessible. Always carry some cash on your person and in your bug out bags. If money is still valuable, at least initially, you won’t want to be caught without any at all.

Break free of the system as much as you can. Cut monthly expenses as much as possible. As you reduce expenses, take that money you save and invest use it to pay off debt, purchase stockpile supplies, or create your emergency fund.

  1. Prepare and Know How to Defend Your Location:

Learn as much as you can about routes around your area, possible wild food sources, and about self-defense now. How will you protect your home when martial law is enacted and there is looting, violence, and vandalism everywhere?

Think about the things that will change for your family when martial law in enacted and there are curfews, travel restrictions, and your constitutional rights have been suspended. Begin fortifying your home against possible home invasion. Plan for alternate routes to water and food sources and for escape if it becomes necessary.

  1. Stockpile Food and Supplies Now

Prepare for empty stores by stockpiling food and water now to help you get by initially. Stockpile items to use for bartering. Now is also a great time to put in a rainwater collection system or start a garden. Learn skills now that will be in demand post-SHTF so you can barter services for what you may need.

  1. Consider Alternative Utility Sources

Now is the time to explore alternative power and utility systems. Can you set up solar power, rainwater collection, composting toilets, in your current location? If not, then perhaps you need to consider a strategic relocation or bug-out location as Joel Skousen suggests.

Regardless of when the economic collapse arrives, you are better off to be prepared. We’ve given you 4 Preps you can do right now for an economic collapse. Obviously each of these preps has many more steps involved to carry out but planning now, gives you concrete steps to take over the next couple months so that you will be ready.

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