April 15, 2021


Self reliance and independence

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Dis-InformationIn the first segment we cover cover the equities markets, metals, the dollar, Shanghai metal prices, BDI, VIX…All of the Indicators that we’ve been following. I believe that it is critical for us to closely monitor all activity at the beginning of the production chain.

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In the 2nd segment, we are covering all of the economic news items from the past week.

On this episode I also discuss a topic that rarely gets any coverage. Dis-Information. This is a entire cottage industry all to itself. Here’s what I mean when I talk about Dis-Information: I see a post on Facebook from Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey show and it is about crop circles in England that appear similar to the eclipse.

I’m not ragging on Noorey. In fact I believe he has brought out more information than most. What I am pointing out is simply this…most of us have seen Discovery channel and the special they did on crop circles. They filmed a group of young people, designing on paper some very interesting crop circles. At night, using drawings and flashlights, they would go in and step on these boards that had ropes for handles.

They would step on tall grain to flatten it so that from the sky, it would appear to be an etched pattern. For me, this laid to rest all crop circle conspiracies. We must teach ourselves how to spot Dis-Information and from which side it comes from. Believe it or not, but even the Patriotic side employs the same tactics.

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