Currency wars and Ferguson one year later!

Currency wars and Ferguson one year later
Mathew Gilman “The Collapse Experiment

Currency warsThis week on the Collapse Experiment China lowered the value of the Yuan after reports came back that their economic growth was lower than expected. China has always been accused of unfair currency manipulation but is that the real threat we have to fear from them? North Korea’s Kim Jong Un has another top military official executed. A young man is shot and severely injured at a Ferguson protest on the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. A fight between two gangs erupted and shots were fired. Plain clothed officers shot while he was firing a stolen pistol. Bernie Sanders has his political rally taken over by Black Lives Matter protestors. Oath Keepers have been spotted all over the Ferguson Protest. Men carrying AR style rifles have been spotted on the roof tops of building around the top of Ferguson where protest are taking place. Who are these guys and what is their purpose? What are the legal issues these guys could face in the future if there is involvement with the protestors?

Currency wars floodcapA recent scientific study shows that rising sea levels are increasing at a rate faster then expected, possibly by six feet. At that rate half of Florida will end up under water and storms like hurricanes will cause more damage and devastation than we have seen in the past. Currently 90% of the human population live on ocean shores, but people can’t breathe under water.

Honey bees have been spotted in the UK after going extinct from the region a few years ago. After bringing queen bees over from Sweden colonies were created and the bees have established themselves back on the island. Listen to all of this and more on the Collapse Experiment pod cast where you get to listen to one man’s journey through the world of preparedness.

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