October 27, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Breaking government dependence, co-op opportunity, and making Pasta.

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I am liberty 125Imagine the strain that just government funded housing puts on the taxpayer. Now imagine if the tenants could take ownership of that housing project and turn it into a private owned co-op business. This is not just a dream this is reality at the Atkinson Housing Cooperative. I talk a big game every Friday on I Am Liberty. This “Movement” and these brilliant “ideas.” Well to prove that I am not selling snake oil we are going to talk some success stories tonight on I Am Liberty. How the ideas and concepts in our plan to Re-root America are already in effect and breaking government dependence as well as creating great opportunities.

I would also like to talk about a consumer based co-op opportunity that most of us could work on in our own communities. Something that could add value to the neighborhood, increase storage for your harvest, food storage and anything else the community needs covered space for. Yes it’s possible and we will talk about how.

Making Pasta. There was a great show on eating cheap on Preparing for life’s storms on Tuesday night. I was in the chat room and we started talking about scratch pasta and noodles. I will lend you some of my expertise on the topic. A great pasta machine helps but is not necessary. It’s a very affordable and delicious thing to have around.

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