November 27, 2022


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Best Advice For New Preppers In 2021

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The pandemic took the world by surprise, leaving no part of the planet untouched. It also came as an eye-opener, showing that even the wealthiest nations are vulnerable. Apart from the health crisis, 2020 saw more turbulence in the form of riots, political unrest, and natural calamities. One thing that becomes clear is that prepping is the key to survival in the modern world. Everyone needs to embrace a prepper’s mindset, and it is no longer an option.

The prepper mindset can be overwhelming for beginners, and even seasoned ones need to stay ahead of the curve. There is no middle path for survival, and you have to be ready for the worst. Things are even more daunting right now because the threats are unknown and unprecedented. Thankfully, you can still get through the tightest spots with the right approach and mindset. Here is the best advice for new preppers in 2021.

Always be ready to learn

When it comes to prepping, knowledge is power. At times, you will find it to be even more crucial than the survival essentials. If you are new to the domain, there is a lot you can learn. Talk to experts and like-minded people, gather insights online, and try getting more information every day. Apart from valuable information on survival skills and tactics, you can get inspiration from real-life situations and experiences. Even when you face a survival situation, you can learn from your experience and mistakes. 

Prepare a checklist of essentials

After you have an open mindset, you need to prepare a checklist of essentials. The checklist can appear long and daunting because you have to think of everything you may need in a survival situation. Start with food and water, first-aid and medicines, toilet paper and sanitizer, batteries and flashlights, and weapons and tactical gear. You must also have cash at home. Consider growing your own food because it can help if you have to coop up for an extended period. Once again, the information you gather online can be the savior when it comes to stocking up on survival supplies.

Use the available space to gear up

Once you have a survival checklist ready, it is time to gear up. Storage can be a concern if you live in a small home or an apartment. But limited space shouldn’t keep you from gearing up. You can install sliding storage racks in the kitchen to store food and water. It is a good idea to upgrade your freezer to store enough supplies of perishable items. Also, you must ensure safe storage for weapons and ammunition because you wouldn’t want the kids to reach out for them. Get creative and find storage for essentials. Creativity is a vital skill that can keep you on top of prepping. 

Learn the key survival skills

Apart from creativity, you will also need to learn survival skills because they can be life-saving in dangerous situations. Start with the basics such as cooking and gardening because they will help you fulfill essential requirements. It is a good idea to buy a shotgun and get some training for using it. Stock up on enough shotgun ammunition, and learn loading and unloading skills as well. Self-defense skills can also go a long way for a beginner. When you get into the prepping mode, ensure that everyone in your family learns these skills. Practice them regularly so that you are always ready. Consolidate your strengths and work on your weaknesses to build a perfect preparedness skill set. 

Prepare a survival plan

Apart from learning the vital survival skills and teaching them to your loved ones, you must also have a survival plan. Involve your family members and have a plan of action for every contingency. What if your loved ones are not at home when disaster strikes? How can you communicate with each other during emergencies? What escape options can you use if you need to bug out? How will you manage kids and the elderly during a dangerous situation? Think of various scenarios and brainstorm all possible courses of action. Thinking in advance gives you better chances of taking the right action when you face a critical situation. Moreover, things become easier to manage when everyone in the family is on the same page. 

Focus on building physical strength

Preparedness is as much about physical strength as it is about gathering essentials and learning essential survival skills. Focus on holistic fitness, with flexibility, mobility, and stamina. You should be able to run, carry weights, and climb if there is a need. Additionally, you must have enough strength to protect yourself and your loved ones even without weapons. The presence of mind and focus are equally important during crucial moments. They enable you to react to threats wisely and decide when you should not try tackling them with physical strength. 

Consider bugging out as the last resort

Preppers must prepare for the worst, but it is vital to know what the worst is. It is the time when bugging out is the only option. But make sure that you use it only as a last resort because home is probably the safest place to stay. If you need to leave, never leave alone and without a plan. Stay in touch with like-minded friends and neighbors, and leave the place with a group. Create a clear plan of action and identify safe spots to escape when the situation arises. Communication with fellow preppers is the key, and let the decision be a mutual one. 

Food, water, and defense should be on top of a prepper’s wishlist. But you have to prioritize physical and mental readiness as well. It is not practical to buy and stock everything today because you may end up spending frivolously. You can consider breaking down the list by priority and adding a little to your stores week by week. Physical and mental preparedness should be ongoing initiatives whether you are a new or seasoned prepper. Most importantly, trust your instincts when things look tough, and you will get through. 


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