June 24, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Battlefield America Part 2

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Battlefield America Part 2
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Battlefield America Part 2For the seventh broadcast of Behind the Lines, we continue the examination of the ‘combatants’ vying for control of America’s culture and morals. After a short review of the previous episodes, we will shift the focus from the ‘pro-individual’ philosophy to the ‘pro-state’ viewpoint. Using documents written by the founders of both disciplines, we will compare and contrast these ideologies –observing how they vie for complete control – while preserving their current influence in the lives of John/Jane Q. Public.

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Continuing the investigation into the foundational principles of both sides, we will come to a greater understanding regarding the antipathy held by each entity toward the other. By delving into history, we will see why the opposing forces can only seek the elimination of the opposition.

Finally, we will introduce the ‘weapons’ in use by these forces striving for control of the battlefield – observing assumptions, intrigues, and spirited defense – while trying to drive their enemy from the field.

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