June 23, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Apocalypse News Network

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Apocalypse News Network
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Apocalypse News NetworkOn this show we will be discuss alternate news sources, what they offer, and how to find them. When we hear a story on the nightly news how do we know how much of it is true and how much is a political agenda? We have all heard the term ‘fake news’ and most everyone should know by now that all news agencies across the globe are used for propaganda. Everyone should also know that almost all news outlets are controlled by a handful of corporations or state-run agencies and those few corporations impose a skewed view in order to further their party’s or government’s agenda. This is not just a thing in the United States. If you think that US-based Main Stream Media channels are the only offenders, then you have not watched a news station located outside of the states.

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So what do we do? In this week’s show, I’ll go through a comprehensive list of the news feeds and websites that I monitor as well as giving you the reasons why I read them. I’ll also give you a list some websites that offer hundreds of news, entertainment, and sports channels to watch from other countries. With just the click of the mouse, you could be watching a Norwegian soap opera or the Lithuanian version of a very popular idol contest. Are you concerned about the gov’t tracking you online and don’t want them to know that you are reading Russia Today? Have no fear as we will also be discussing how to receive TV channels from other countries via FTA Satellite as well as using AM and Shortwave radio to listen to different countries radio broadcasts.

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