November 26, 2022


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Snake Bites, Infections and Herbal Medicine!

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Snake Bites, Infections and Herbal Medicine
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Snake BitesAs we have talked about before, the three biggest issues after a disaster are very likely going to be food, water and medicine. Add to this the fact that most post-disaster environments are laden with potential health threats: Rubble, obstacles and hazards, open sewage and bacteria-laden water, disturbed wildlife looking for new homes, increased rodent population and more. A lack of medical services really starts to hit home when talking about severe, acute environmental or medical injuries. Two good examples of this kind of severe, post-disaster medical situation are infection and venomous snake bites in North America (e.g. Rattlesnake, Copperhead, Coral Snake, Cottonmouth).

Snake BitesIs it possible to deal with these two types of severe medical issues with plant medicine? The availability of useful medicine (antibiotics, antivenin) might be limited or nonexistent. Add to this that the medical skill to recognize and act on the specific infection or envenomation might not be available even if the medical supplies are there, and it is a perfect storm for disaster.

Today, we have the advantage not only of historical knowledge in treating these types of medical emergencies with plant medicine, but we also have the ability to look closely at the pathophysiology of both infections and snake bites, which helps steer us toward some of the possibilities available to us in the world of herbology.

Join Sam on “The Human Path” as he discusses his own experiences using plant medicine for infection, as well as herbal protocols that were effective for various types of venomous snake bites in the past in North America, as well as plant medicine used effectively in other parts of the world today for venomous snake bites.
Sam Coffman:

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