December 8, 2021


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The Dandelian, a boon to some bust for others!

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The Dandelion a boon to some bust for others!
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The Dandelion a boon to some bust for othersNow really how does one not smile at the brilliant yellow blossoms dotting the country side or perhaps your lawn each spring and summer! Ok Ok I know dandelions are one of the most common and despised weeds of those keepers of pristine lawns. But really the dandelion is just as useful as it is prolific. I like to think of them in that line with rabbits, they just multiply and multiply! In reality that’s a huge boon, the dandelion’s benefits are incredible, just a little unsung.

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It’s true many of us are becoming aware of just what a blessing these brilliant yellow dots in early summer are! The dandelion has a reputation as an invasive weed but is it? While plenty of people look at dandelions and see weeds, they are in fact flowers! Dandelions are perennial and herbaceous flowers that grow very well in temperate climates,its ability for rapid growth, bright flowers, and its invasive nature are the reasons why some people hesitate to admit that they are flowers! But fear not it’s reputation in the areas of health and nutrition are even more compelling and incredible.

This little bright spot boasts properties that are being researched by major scientific communities. Join A Preppers in player above for a walk about as we explore this amazing little flower/weed and learn the just what a lifesaver this bright spot really is. The Dandy is in reality full of fantastic benefits that are the real deal. Listen in as we put the Dandy where it really belongs!

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