May 22, 2022


Self reliance and independence

A Rose by any other name?

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A Rose by any other name?
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A Rose by any other name?In our busy world we often overlook what is right in front of us. In our quest to make things easier and better than, we forget that man still has yet to improve on Mother Nature. The rose for many has been relegated to the florist shop and perhaps something to be enjoyed in a garden or used as a symbolic gesture of love or friendship or maybe even I am sorry. What many have forgotten is the real value this beauty holds for us beyond a sweet aroma and vibrant color. Roses have spanned the decades shared by our ancestors and us, the real difference being that our ancestors knew the real value of the sweet beautiful plant beyond its outward appearance and aroma. To be sure both have benefited us all and continue too but there is so much more to know and use.

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Working towards independence and self-reliance there is a keen interest to move away from mass produced, synthetic productions modern man has achieved. We ask ourselves what if? What if I can’t afford this or that thing or medication can I replace it?Am I doomed if things fall apart? The answer is No of course you aren’t, but you do have to do a little research. A Preppers Path will be shining a light at a plant we all know, the tantalizing rose, the benefits and use this symbol of love, romance and beauty really has in store for us. There is no time like the present to open your eyes and see what’s really wrapped up in that beauty. Join us for a walk in the rose garden here on A Preppers Path and find a new way to become prepared and create your life of Peace, Power and Prosperity!

The winter snows have arrived early in my part of the world, blanketing the landscape in a deep and luxurious frothy white. The ensuing quiet a deep snow brings silences all manner of noise and hub bub. The last vestiges of flowering plants now twist in the breezes; their tip tops the last remnant of the once crowing glories. A quick and stark reminder that winter is like it or not here. And then what to my wandering eye appeared but a lone rose bush tucked neatly near a protecting pine and cedar grove. The rose dusted with white yet still pulsing with color immediately reminded me of resilience and preparation. The rose such a beauty she is, so vibrant and exciting yet stately and serene. The rose a seemingly delicate creature is a sign of strength, virtue, tenacity and love.

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