December 8, 2021


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The Herbal Medic – First Aid on the Street in a Post-Collapse Urban Environment
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

Herbal MedicWidespread social and urban collapse is something that historically takes days, weeks, months or even years to happen. Rarely (outside of natural disaster in a confined urban area) does an urban area become complete pandemonium overnight. Leading up to more cataclysmic events like civil war, there are often protests, demonstrations, clashes between ethnic or religious groups, clashes between civilians and law enforcement or military, economic fallout, bank closures and gradual lack of a rule of law and other forms of gradually increasing social unrest.

Sometimes we spend so much time as preppers in preparing for that “end of times” scenario that we completely disregard the ongoing daily situations that might be faced, for example in assisting or participating in a protest about something we feel strongly about, or being out and about in an urban area Herbal Medicwhen suddenly finding ourselves surrounded by a mob of people, or trying to be an urban first responder to a medical emergency when there is too much of a local mob for there to be an emergency management system or transportation available.

How can we as an individual, use our first aid and herbal first aid skills in a “street” environment that is outside of our home and outside of our comfort zone? In this episode of The Human Path , join Sam Coffman as he discusses some of the technics, first aid resources, security issues, plant medicine and social tactics to be a proficient “herban medic” in a street environment.
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