August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Sustainable, Practical Medicine before and after the Sh*t Hits the Fan

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8-22-2013AnkleWrapMost preppers spend some time thinking about medicine after a social collapse, and stocking up on pharmaceutical supplies, as they should. Food, water and medicine are the first three resources that are fought over after every disaster, large or small. However, pharmaceutical supplies are limited and also require a certain type of training and experience that is not available to everyone. There is another option that means you do not have to be in “ration mode” and constantly limit your possibilities when dealing with medical issues in a post-collapse environment. This option is plant medicine and it is not only self-sustainable, it is easy for anyone to learn and begin to use immediately as an extremely valuable skill.

8-22-2013AntelopeHorns_BookSam Coffman has spent most of his adult life working with and understanding plant medicine on a practical level for acute injury and illness, as well as chronic illness. His background as a former Green Beret medic lends him the training and experience to understand the fundamentals of ditch medicine, and how those gaps left by the absence of pharmaceutical medicines can be filled with highly effective plant medicine.

In today’s broadcast of The Human Path, Sam teaches us SIX medicinal plants that grow in every state in the USA that are not only very common, but also very easy to identify. These are plants that are all very good medicine that is easy learn and understand. Sam walks us through the identification and use of each plant.

As a bonus, there is a discussion between Mykel Hawke (of Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild) and Sam about survival topics, to include Myke’s survival manual. This is a short interview that will be continued in September with a longer discussion about specific survival skills.
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