December 4, 2022


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Respiratory Rescue Herbs!

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Respiratory Rescue Herbs
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Respiratory Rescue HerbsOn this episode I’m talking about serious remedies for serious respiratory infections. I’ve been horridly sick, and I want to share with you what has worked to get over it, as well as to get some comfort from brutal flu and bronchitis symptoms.

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There is a particularly nasty flu outbreak in my neck of the woods. If it hasn’t hit your area yet, just wait. We’re only at the beginning of cold and flu season. I’m sure you’ll get your turn. It’s plain old nasty. And, you will be glad to have these remedies on hand.

It hit our house with a vengeance. Everyone got hit with it, and both me and my husband had relapses. In my case, it developed from an initial viral infection into a secondary bacterial infection. Life has not been fun.

Another factor that allowed us to get as sick as we were, was that we had just been through a high-stress month dealing with a family matter. Both my husband and I were dealing with burnout, and it’s moments like that when resistance to infection is low.

What I can say that is positive about all this is that I had all my remedies made ahead of time. I had syrups, herbal steam blends, essential oils for diffuser breathing treatments, and expectorant tea blends at the ready. Without having all this ready ahead of time, I don’t think I could have looked after two kids, my husband and myself if I didn’t have it all prepped for me, waiting in the pantry for a moment like this to shine.

Odds are, however, a good number of the herbs I used are not items you can find at your local grocery store (see my last episode for that). You will want to listen to this show, take some notes, and get ready for a nasty cold and flu season this year. Hopefully, you won’t get sick. But, if you do, these remedies will have you covered.

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