December 4, 2022


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Ray visits Joe and Amy of Doom & Bloom !

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Ray visits Joe and Amy of Doom & Bloom
Ray Becker… “The Ray Becker Show” Audio player provided!

A show opener with the latest in economic news. After that a review the Prepper Roundtable from last Friday night. Then we  spend some quality time with Joe and Amy of Doom & Bloom.

Ray visits Joe and Amy of Doom & BloomI first came into contact with Joe and Amy while hosting a different prepper type radio show. They are the most awesome couple with so much knowledge of Medicine and Survival. What I most credit Joe and Amy with is Fish Mox. Fish Mox is Amoxicillin, the antibiotic. It’s used when there’s an infection in a fish tank.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Ray visits Joe and Amy of Doom & Bloom” in player below!

It’s just one of many items that Joe and Amy know about. What I appreciate about them is that they offer a Medical Kit that they have designed. Keeping in mind that Prepping and Survival will have different needs as opposed to just any Medical Kit. They offer their kits, at reasonable prices on their website HERE!

Then, on top of all of that, they have written the Bible for Prepper and Survival Medical…the book is The Survival Medicine Handbook. You can buy it through their site or you could purchase it at Amazon. Join me, Joe and Amy as we go over some very good information on Prepping and Survival Medical care.

Tomorrow night, right here on is the I Am Liberty Show with James Walton. His show begins at 9pm est. This coming Friday night, Aug. 4th at 9pm est is the debut of Reality Check with Michael Kline. Trust me, you will not want to miss Mike’s show. Bob from the APN Report will be on Sat. Night. My next guest will be Popeye from Down The Rabbit Hole.

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