Picture1296Picture2122Peace, Joy, Love and all that this season brings…. relaxing and peaceful thoughts… BUT disasters happen every day.  In the wake of the recent tragedy in Conn this was driven home all too vividly to the entire nation. Crisis/Disaster Medicine a top priority in any disaster, what do you know? What can you do? Monday night on “The Other Side…A Preppers Path” Lynna is joined by veteran EMS responder, teacher and entrepreneur Richard Wilkinson of Priority Medical Training. Richard a father of 7 and in the emergency medical field since 1997 will be on hand to talk with us about what medical knowledge a prepper should have; the use of OTC meds in a long term situation as well as the use of homeostatic agents and more.  Tune in and sort the myth from fact regarding OTC and other emergency medicine facts.  A perfect chance to talk to an expert who has/is in the trenches and knows what works and what doesn’t. Pull up a chair and get ready for some hard hitting medical info that WILL help YOU!

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