February 28, 2021


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Lyme Disease and Herbal Remedies!

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Lyme Disease and Herbal Remedies!
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Lyme Disease Lyme Rash PDLyme disease is a complex disease to treat, and a painful one to live with. Just mention Lyme, and watch people’s faces as they react. Lyme disease is painful, can cause confusion and fatigue, and it can kill any attempt to focus. Worse than that, Lyme disease is responsible for many cases of arthritis, neuropathy, and heart beat irregularities. Thankfully this is less common, but Lyme disease can be fatal when attacking the heart, lungs, and nervous system.

Lyme Disease Tick PCNamed for Lyme, Connecticut, Lyme disease is endemic to the northeastern, Unites States, and in particular New England. However, Lyme is spreading west and south. Ticks, latched onto migrating birds, are finding their way to all parts of our country. And ticks aren’t the only things carrying Lyme.

6-6-15 Doe PDLyme disease is both difficult to treat, as well as diagnose. It is caused by a spirochete known as Borrelia burgdforeri. Once infected, the person may experience mild, flu-like symptoms. There is often
a bull’s eye rash, but not always. The current testing for Lyme disease is inadequate, allowing Lyme disease to hide, undiscovered, yet causing common complaints, like joint pain, lightheadedness, sleep disturbances, and chest pain. What happens then is that Lyme gets misdiagnosed as such things like fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anxiety disorders. Lyme sufferers often have a lower quality of life reported than those living with diabetes.

Lyme Disease mouse PDBe sure to listen to this episode to hear about herbal ways of repelling ticks to help prevent getting Lyme disease in the first place, what the standard treatment is for Lyme, what common variations of Lyme patients present with, the differences in treatment at different stages, how Lyme is spread without involving ticks, and what herbs are helpful in combating what can be a life-long illness.
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