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It’s About Thyme

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It’s About Thyme
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

It’s About Thyme Thymus Vulgaris Public Domain ImageThyme is a highly antimicrobial herb which is a must-have for this time of year. Let me show you how to use this simple herb to kick bacterial and viral respiratory infections to the curb this cold and flu season!

Cold and flu season starts in just a matter of days, running from October to March. This means days sick out of school, out of work, and for some people, perhaps a trip to the hospital. It’s miserable in the best of times. In bad times, getting sick with a respiratory infection might spell disaster for you or a loved one.

9-27-15 Thymus Vulgaris Public DomainWhile there are many wonderful herbs that can help fight bacterial and viral respiratory infections, in this week’s show, were going to highlight thyme (Thymus vulgaris). This herb is easy to grow in the garden, as well as indoors with a little extra light. Thyme does double duty as a culinary herb and medicinal herb, and is an herb I reach for whenever I have a cough, bronchitis, or serious congestion.

9-27-15 Prepping for a PandemicIn addition to adding the leaves to food, especially pleasant on roasted chicken or with roasted vegetables, thyme can be prepared in a number of ways for inhalation. Thyme is taken as an herbal tea, steam, syrup, or as an essential oil.

Thyme isn’t for everyone, however. It is a very strong herbal remedy. Take caution around children, as the vapors from the essential oil can be intense even for adults. However, I have also seen the essential oil of thyme used safely to resolve serious infections, including bacterial pneumonia. After seeing how effective thyme can be when inhaled, whether a steam or an essential oil in a diffuser, thyme has become one of my most trusted allies for cold and flu season. Tune in live to learn more about thyme and how it can keep you healthy this time of year.
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