September 25, 2022


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Surviving MRSA
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live”

Surviving MRSA mrsa_plateMethicillin-resistant Staphloccocus aureas (MRSA) is a muti-drug resistant bacteria which causes a range infections of infections, including skin infections, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections. is in every hospital, in every community, and in the food supply. At best, it causes large, painful boils that leave gaping wounds when drained. At worst, it can cause sepsis and death.

Surviving MRSAMRSA was listed in the Centers for Disease Control’s Antibiotic Resistance Threats Report in 2013 as “serious”. At that time, there were over 80,400 cases of MRSA in the Unites States. And while a few other diseases beat out MRSA for the top most resistant bacteria that year, MRSA has done something that other hospital-created “superbugs” cannot claim. They made it out of the hospital and into the community.

Herbal Prepper Live150MRSA’s name makes it sound as if it is only resistant to one antibiotic, methicillin. It is actually resistant to many antibiotics, and treatment requires combinations of two to three of some uncommon and “last resort” antibiotics. And even then, unless treatment is begun as soon as possible, the patient will still have an uphill battle even with multiple antibiotics working synergistically to fight the infection.

Antibiotic resistance has taken a backseat to concerns about pandemics lately. Between Ebola’s numbers rising still in Guinea and Sierra Leone and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome’s deadly resurgence in South Korea. However, MRSA poses a significant threat. No other drug resistant bacteria is found is so many places, including hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, dormitories, locker rooms, and even playgrounds and food processing plants. MRSA has even been spread through sexual contact.

This episode will cover herbs and essential oils which have shown action against MRSA and how to use them. We will discuss how to drain a boil infected with MRSA and how to pack the open wound.
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