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Roses, Herbal First Aid

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Herbal First Aid: Roses
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Tune in live on June 22, 2014 at 7pm/EST (6pm/C, 5pm/M, 4pm/P) to hear The Herbal Prepper Live on PrepperBroadcasting.com discuss the medicinal properties and first-aid applications of roses.

RosesRoses are much more than a pretty flower. The petals, leaves, and hips are powerful ingredients in herbal medicine making. Roses have numerous medicinal properties, and make a great addition to your Herbal First Aid kit.

Many herbalists are accustomed to using rose in lotions and face creams, as it has a cooling effect upon the skin that diminishes redness, such as found in conditions like rosacea. It also has a firming, astringent action while also being very gentle that makes rose a favorite choice for aging skin.

RosesThere is, however, a world of first-aid and home-grown medicines to be made from the petals, leaves, and hips of the Queen of Flowers.

One of my favorite remedies is a very simple rose-infused honey. It has many applications from soothing sore throats to soothing an anxious person. It can help relieve the pain of a burn, help a wound to heal with no (or minimal) scarring, and fight a skin infection.

rosa-canina rosehipsThe rose hips are loaded with nutrition and are an exceptional wild edible. They contain more Vitamin C than citrus. Rosehips also contain Vitamin A, E, and B-Complex. They are loaded with bioflavinoids making rosehips a heart-strengthener, while the petals have an anti-anxiety and stress-lowering quality, creating a sense of peace and well-being.

In the context of a serious injury or after witnessing a trauma, this mild euphoric property of rose can help reduce the stress response which in turn helps recovery time. The Vitamin C content also helps mitigate the impact of stress on our bodies, which often lowers immune response.

Rose remedies can help fight off respiratory infections and soothe the symptoms of bronchitis and tuberculosis. It is anti-inflammatory, and can help soothe and relax away sciatica and nerve pain. The nutrient-dense rosehips help to build a strong vascular system, and help fight urinary tract infections.

So, while the rose has a long association with love and romance, there is a lot that rose has to offer in first-aid applications. Tune in to the next episode of The Herbal Prepper Live to learn all about rose as medicine.
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