November 26, 2022


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Pandemics and Prepping!

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Pandemics and Prepping!
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

Pandemics MERS_coronavirus public domain NIH image Creative Commons WikimediaThe MERS coronavirus has made its first appearance in the US. Ebola is still on the move in West Africa. Somewhat less nerve-wracking is the mosquitos-borne Chikungunya virus which is now in the Caribbean. New strains of Influenza virus develop each year. And the World Health Organization has finally come out and acknowledged drug-resistant bacteria (specifically C-diff, e-coli, bacterial pneumonia, MRSA, and gonorrhea) for the global threat that it is.

A pandemic is not a question of if, but a question of when.

Pandemics Cholera, public domain, NIH library imageOn this episode of The Herbal Prepper Live, we discuss how to prepare for a pandemic. With a confirmed MERS case in the US for the first time, much of the discussion will revolve around MERS, it’s risks, and how to design an herbal protocol for an illness that is so new. I will also provide, in detail, what herbal remedies I am making for my own family’s protection, should MERS become a bigger problem than a single, isolated traveler.

In this episode, learn about:
• Herbs and essential oils that may help fight MERS
• How to disinfect your home using herbs and essential oils
• The top antiviral and antibiotic herbs to have on hand
• The importance of being able to take care of your health and wellness needs without risking going to a hospital in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Pandemics BacteriaHerbs are unique, complex, unique, and synergistic consisting of hundreds of chemical constituents that work as a unit to do more than their individual constituents could ever do on their own. Plants have been evolving along side both bacteria and viruses far longer than us humans. Plants have developed both ways to defend themselves from bacterial and viral attacks, and have developed ways to shut down the defense mechanisms of both bacteria and viruses.

Because of this, medicinal herbs can help us meet the challenges that emerging bacteria and viruses pose. The time to learn how to use herbs and essential oils safely and effectively is now, before a pandemic starts. The recent MERS case coming here by a traveler in an airplane clearly demonstrates that time is running out.
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