June 29, 2022


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Measles The New Ebola!

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Measles Is The New Ebola
Host: Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

2-22-15 Child with measles rashIf you have been paying attention to the media, measles has become the new Ebola. Measles is highly contagious and can potentially be deadly. The media has told us how important vaccination is, and social media has lit up with the most brutal of comments on both sides of the vaccine debate I have ever seen.

After watching this debate, it seem to me that people are more divided than ever over the measles vaccine, and vaccines in general. Some people want to exile everyone who is not vaccinated, some suggest having the government remove children from their parents home if they refuse to vaccinate. And, both sides seem to blow off the other sides concerns. There’s no meeting of the minds. There’s no real discourse. It feels just like the Ebola scare did- divisive.

2-22-15 White spots in mouth sign of measlesNow that a few weeks have passed without measles in the media, I’m hoping for a more rational discussion about measles and vaccination than has been seen for the past few months. Let’s look at the cold, hard statistics regarding measles, how contagious it is, how often serious side effects occur, how it manifests differently around the world and why. Let’s look at those vulnerable populations that benefit from “herd immunity”, but let’s also look at those vulnerable populations who have been injured through vaccination (yes, the US has a vaccine injury court, and they have paid damages with tax payer money).

Measles Scutellaria_baicalensis_flowers Photo Credit Doronenko2-22-15 licoriceLet’s also take a look at measles in a post-SHTF situation. What kind of a threat would measles look like if both hospitals and vaccines are not even an option. If no where else, this has to be at least one area of common ground preppers on both sides of this debate can agree upon is important to look at and prepared for. If we do face an EMP, or an economic collapse, or any of the disaster scenarios that we diligently prepare for, measles is a far more deadly threat to us than it is today.
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